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Here's how you can verify this wonderful 17-ft boat:

Most of the 17-ft hulls were sold as runabout or closed-foredeck models, So it is a little unusual to see this windshield setup on this hull.
The distictive dual/tri safety glass windshield was introduced on the 17 Seasport most likely in 1965 and shows up in the 1966 Johnson boat brochure
which you can view here:

The center section was hinged to fold over on the passenger side, much like the iconic, 2-piece, symmetrical Evinrude Sportsman windshield (which folds onto the helm side, when open).
But unlike the Sportsman design, the "new" Johnson Seasport required molding a new top-deck that incorporated a matching passenger side "helm"
But that made it possible to incorporate a automotive-style glove box and bow-rider seat back area. It also made buttoning up the front tonneau cover easier.
It also allowed OMC to use more universal instrumenst and switch gear across all boat lines.

Few people realize that OMC practically invented the "bow-rider" class when they introduced the 17-ft Seasport in 1962-63.
Earlier (62-63-64) OMC - Johnson Seasports used a SINGLE helm-mounted plexiglass windshield. This setup incorporated the same instrument cluster as the DeLuxe 17.

OMC used this popular 3-piece, setup (with classic triangular side wings) on many, many variations of the 16-ft and 17-ft Johnson Seasports
as well as many 19-ft Evinrudes and Johnson models with slight variations in the center section, depending on model. Only the Evinrude Sportsman retained it's distincive
windshield over the entire life of Evinrude 16-ft, open-bow model, known as the Sport-16 (outboard) and Sportsman (sterndrive).

The 3-piece design was changed slightly on 1970 models (and later Chris-Crafts) to incorporate a more complicated "corner" section.

Here's another "great" photo of the "step-thru" configuration on a 66 17-Seasport:

Also see:


You can verify the VIN plate which should have (depending on year, powerplant, color, etc:):

the last three digits signify color, either green or blue.

114202-L 90hp 1965
114302-L 90hp 1965
124202-L 150hp 1965
124302-L 150hp 1965
134202-L 120hp 1965
134302-L 120hp 1965

114202-R 90hp 1966
114302-R 90hp 1966
124202-R 150hp 1966
124302-R 150hp 1966
134202-R 120hp 1966
134302-R 120hp 1966

You can view all OMC model numbers here:

Phil has collected some marvelous resources on these boats, it always amazes me how little we collectively use them!


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  I need help in identifying the Johnson boat in the attached photo.
  What year and model is it?
  The windshield is different than what I have seen on other Johnson boats.
  What year and model of Johnson boat is in the attached photo?

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