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Thanks Dan,
I picked up some blue paint that I thought would be a close match but side by side it was not even close.  I knew in the long run I'd likely not be happy with the conflicting colors so I opted for the additional $34.00 expense of having the correct color custom mixed so it would match the floor color which, after I cleaned and sprayed with a protectorant from McGuires, came back to it's original deep blue with a tinge of green color.   There's a couple of places I can use the paint so it wasn't a complete extravagence.
Speaking of expense....anyone price new seats lately?  There's a killer for you!!  I need to get the seats redone.  I thought about upgrading from the old dated tubular fixed framed seat setup to something that could swivel so I started pricing them out on the various marine sites (Overtons, BoatersWorld (perpetually out of stock), West Marine, etc).  In addition to the seats, there's mounting hardware (post, sliders, swivels, etc) to consider.  I went into total sticker shock when I tallied that up.  $850-1000!!!  OUCH and that doesn't even take the rear seats into consideration. 
I'm back to rethinking my original options.  I could simply recover the original seats myself since they are essentially just plywood and foam.   I've done it before but it would be a basic end result.  The other option is to have them professionally redone with added foam and blue piping to give them a finished look.  I'm going to look at enhancing the seat structure to cover up the tubing and then have the whole thing covered in vinyl.   It will still be expensive but not as much as a full replacement (which is still an option).  JEESH!! 
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Bill... just looked at the pictures....... stupendous..... should get you to restore my 64 OMC    .... again.. looks real fine...... Dan

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I have a '70 Evinrude Explorer I'm restoring.  The steering wheel had several cracks just like any aging steering wheel would, one on each spoke towards the center hub and one on each spoke where it joins the outer rim.  I thought about replacing it with something newer but the concept of keeping it near original kept nagging at me so I opted to try my hand at repairing it. 
I took a deep breath and bought some automotive bondo.  I filled the cracks, sanded it down and the gave it a coat of primer.  I couldn't believe how easy that was and it came out really great.  I'm just doing some touch up on it now getting it ready for it's blue paint.  I'll post some pics of it after it's painted and ready for install.
I'm looking for a center cap/cover piece that fits in the center opening hiding the bolt.  Anyone have a spare one or know where I can get one??  I assume it has the Evinrude logo on it.
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1970 Evinrude Explorer
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