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Re-powering these boats can be done fairly easily with newer OMC sterndrive powerheads and lower units which are fairly plentiful and relatively affordable. Any of the GM engines from the 120-4, 225-V6 Buick, or any of the 283-305-307-327-350-400 Small Block Chevies are good candidates. Even the Chevy V6's from the 400-800 Series can be used with good results. Most of these alternatives would not significantly alter the original look, but would extend the useable life of the vessel and provide added reliability.

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if you really love the boat like I do mine, you might want to see about upgrading it, it is a lot of work but worth it in the end. I have a 64 and when my outdrive goes out I am going to upgrade it to newer stuff. it takes away from the original look of the boat some, but makes it easier to get parts for and you will get more trouble free use from it. Jeff

On 3/16/09, Kim Foster <snagf@...> wrote:
> Tim - do you have the OMC Deluxe? If you decide to sell the boat, it
> is probably worth more in pieces. I have a 1964 OMC Deluxe. I am
> looking for the plexiglass face piece on the dash board, the 'bat wing
> covers that go over the engine compartment, and the running light lenses.
> Let me know if you would be interested in parting with those.
> Kim
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> hello my name is tim i have a 1962 omc 17 hull is in great shape but
> the lower unit is cracked and i cant find one so i might just get rid
> of the boat i love the boat and dont really want to get rid of it but
> i think iam gonna if any ony has ideas or want the boat call me at
> 989-884-4409 iam in michigan email me tcrash@... thanks tim
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