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Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 12:32:48 -0700

Hi Jim,

It's great to hear about your 1965 Sweet-16 'Rude. I'll share some of my similar experiences with my 1966 Sportsman.

Replacement top:

My boat's original top and bow hardware was taken off and discarded years ago. And OMC did do a remarkable job equipping these boats with unique and functional equipment that was seldom included by other manufacturers. But here's the rub: Finding or re-creating OE (original equipment) gear for these boats is likely to be an excercise in frustration, I've found. You have to balance originality with functionality. Here's my point with respect to a repalcement top:

What are you really after? You want shade, most likely. Are you going to enter your boat in Antique Boat competitions? Most likely not.Then today's modern bimini tops are far more functional because you don't have to crouch under them. You can move around the boat. If you need weather protection, biminis can be fitted with side curtains and windshield extentions by any local top-shop or boat shop. So after years of searching and yearning for an OE-style top, I went with a decent bimini. And you know what, it's one of the best add-ons I've done, my wife loves it and wonders why it took me so long. Is it original? No. Does it bother me, no way. I'll look for some pictures of my top, but if you look at the various pictures on OMC-Boats you'll see various approaches to what others have done.

Seat cushions:

Now, I'm going to give info that some might say slightly contrdicts the above. I think our boat's removeable OE seating is pretty trick (1962 - 1966 OMC aluminum frame, molded cushion seating). I could go on about their hidden life preservers, web suspensions, easily removable, reconfigurable, etc. Most people in the boating industry will recommend you just toss 'em out. I wanted to retain mine, so I found a shop willing to recover the molded cushions. We replaced the suspension webbing with marine plywood and filled in the preserver cavity with high density foam. They ride a tad rougher but now withstand a 225-lber's size 14 foot upon entery or exiting the craft. You can see how mine turned out here:

Just some ideas, let us know how you progress.

Lee Shuster

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I need a top for my 1965 Sweet-16 and some seat cushions, if you do not have them but know where/who I could go to find this and other original stuff, please send the information. Thank you in advance.
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