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Hi Ted,

As far as "shop" manuals for 1970 OMC Stern drives (aka electric-shift stringer models); there are the original factory written ones (hard to find but you do see them come up on eBay from time to time), The SELOC manual and there's another one I think by Clymer.

The original factory manuals are worth paying extra for IMHO. Be sure and scope in years from 1968 to 1972 if you care about covering the Buick/Kaiser 225 CID/3.7L (odd-fire) V6.

You can view some free electrical diagrams that I have scanned and posted here:

If your boat still has the original Alternator-Regulator it is a MARINE-APPROVED Prestolite ALK-series 38-40 amp unit with external solid-state regulator normall mounted on the thermostat housing (for good heat disapation). These are decent alternators, and can provide good service, with little more than brush replacement and proper battery care. A good local shop should be able to rebuild the Prestolite for you. Some marine shops turm their noses up as the Delcos are now much more common, incorporating the internal regulator.

You can locate a Carter Marine-rated mechanical fuel pump, to go with the Buick-Jeep V6. Just be sure if it has the relief vent that you route it back into the carb, rather than having it dump raw fuel into your bilge (FIRE hazard!). Most of the marine suppliers that have OMC parts would have a suitable mechanical pump. (Please be tempted to substitute a non-marine rated unit.)

GM sold the tooling to Kaiser Jeep for the 225 in 1966-67. When AMC acquired Jeep from Kaiser in 1972, they brought in their AMC inline 6, such as the 232. Ironically, GM-Buick bought the V6 tooling back in 1974 after OPEC stuck it too us. When OMC lost the Buick V6 they switched to using the inline Chevy 250-6. Eventually they went back to V6's in the late 70's but the were the 90-degree Chevy V6's which are 3/4's of a smallblock V8. I have quite a bit of info on the nifty little odd-fire 225 V6 at:

Happy Holidays to all,

Lee Shuster
Salt Lake City

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  I would like to find a manual that describes the electrical system on my particular boat.
  Which alternator did they use on my boat, internal regulator or external regulator?
  Prior owner replaced mechanical fuel pump with electric, I would like to go back to mechanical,but where to find one?
  My engine is the HUFR-19E model. SELOC indicates its a Kiser and I assume it is a GM built for kiser?
  Ted Robinson


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