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Hi Jeff,

Based on the OMC Engine Model Number " HU-12A " you have a BUICK V6=HU
from 1964=12A Most of the ones from 1964 were 12B, so yours might be
faily early in the model year. 1964 is the first year the Buick V6 was
offered. A 1965 model would be HU-13. The 64-65 model Buicks came with a
single barrel carb and we rated at 150 hp. I believe for 1966 a
Rochester 2GC was fitted. In 1967 the horsepower raing was increased to
155 hp on the Buick.

Lee Shuster

PS -- Sorry I don't have any data on the Hull serial number: W-16738
other than my 66 boat is WI-19541

Maybe we could ask Phil to gather a members serial number chart for
comparison's sake?

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i have a johnson deluxe

the model # is HU-12a
the serial # is w16738

i am trying to determine the year of my boat so i can order parts,
etc. have heard '64, '65, '68. looked at both lists of
model #'s and can't find anything matching.

anyone have any idea, or can point me to a place?

also - to make things more challenging, the rebuilt engine i just put
in is supposedly a '70. but it was bolted right up to the original
intermediate housing (where i got those numbers above). is there
any markings on an actual engine that specify the year?

thanks, jeff
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