Re: [OMC-Boats] Gear lube

From: mckeown <mckeown@...>
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 12:52:09 -0500

If I'm not mistaken the coils are sealed (and the wire in them is certainly
insulated), so conductivity of the lube isn't an issue. The viscosity is,
though. I have read in my SELOC manual that using too thick a lubricant in
cold water will create enough mechanical drag to prevent the coils from
moving the engagement dogs. I'm pretty sure that the recommended lubricant
is considerably thinner (lower viscosity) than typical SAE90 gear lube.

If no one else chimes in by this evening when I return home, I'll check my
owners' manual and report on the proper lube specs.


Hope you don't mind me jumping in on this thread - but the
non-conductive gear lube comment has caught my attention. I'm hoping to
get my 67 100hp outboard with electric shift out for a "maiden voyage"
this week, but had not considered the need for special gear oil in the
lower unit. I've just filled it with fresh outboard lower unit lube from
my local Canadian Tire store. Should I drain and refill it before the
test run with something else? Is this oil only available from the
dealer, or should I look for a DOT or grade specification on the oil I

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