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I've wondered about as well.

Here are my best 'guestimates:"

My 1971 215 hp 307 which was originally shipped in a REINELL has the following original color scheme:

GM supplied parts: Block, heads, Intake manifolds, oil pan are a Battleship Gray.
I've seen the 235 and 245 hp 307's and they were painted Chevy Orange (not Grey) and featured the Z-28/Vette cast alum valve covers as well as thru the transom exhaust.

OMC parts: Intermediate housing, exhaust manifolds, etc are white.

Somewhere in the middle to late seventies OMC switched to painting the engines Blue, probably about the time they lost the Buick V6 and started sourcing both Ford and Chevy engines?


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Has anybody successfully duplicated the OMC 155 engine color? My '71
Gull-Wing is a sort of baby blue which is similar to a couple of GM colors
(Pontiac V8 light blue and a later GM corporate blue). From some of the
gallery pics on this site I suspect the same color may have been used for
several years. Any good sources for said paint in a spray can?


I'd love to clean up my intake manifold and make it look more presentable
while I have the carb off for rebuilding.



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