Re: [OMC-Boats] 1967 OMC Outboard Power Tilt/Trim

From: Ian Torrey <itorrey@...>
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2008 15:46:26 -0400

Well, got my trim motor apart which was pretty rusted inside, cleaned it
up and got it running again, but it just doesn't have the power to lift
the outboard. If anyone has or knows of where I might find a used one of
these (with a reservoir end on the motor) it looks like that might be my
best route to go. At this stage I'm not prepared to pay the price for a
new one, at least until I've got some hours in on the motor.


Any ideas appreciated,




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I finally got my '67 Evi 100hp Starfite running this week after nearly
10 years of sitting inoperable! Changed the CD ignition over to good old
points and it seems to be running, although it hasn't been in-water yet.
I'm hoping I can get the power trim unit working before the test run.
Has anyone disassembled one of these on the old OMC outboards? It looks
like the motor is probably rusted up, so I started to take the backing
plate off on the top of the motor. I can only seem to lift it 1/2 an
inch without excessive force. Do I need to possibly open up the pump
housing and remove the impeller first? If anyone has any experience with
these, or can refer me to rebuild instructions or diagrams it would be a
great help. My Seloc manual doesn't seem to cover this component.





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