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$950.00 is what im selling this1968 19 ft rogue 210 water ready



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Nice boat. I got one myself.


It seems to me that everything you need is available aftermarket easily, and
if you got everything running, the boat would be worth 3x $900 - about
$2700. Bilge pump can be generic, the blower can be a separate in-line
blower wired to it, engine parts are still made for the v-6, and the
outdrive water pump impeller appears frequently on ebay. The only big item
is the head gasket, and that's only a few hundred bucks - maybe a thousand;
anyone know? I'd forget about rewiring the port/starboard lights and give
the buyer one of those battery-operated red/green clamp-on dealies for his
"binocular compartment" (q.v.manual!).


Show us the outdrive! And the seats!


I'd buy it at $900 for that great hull if it wasn't so far away and if I had
a place to put it... Good luck!


-Doug Julien, AIA


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I just posted my boat on craigslist. Here is the link. Let me know what
you guys think about price and such.


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