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Hi Alan,

This is a good question that comes up from time to time. Certainly they are a look of new and used suitable outboards. Actually there are a couple of differences between outboard and sterndrive 64/65 Erudes that you would need to address:

1) The transom is very thin fiberglass on the sterndrives as they rely on the structural steel frame of the stringer mounting system to internally "hang" the power head and "float" the lower unit. You would need to provide transom structual reinforcement by bonding plywood and possibly adding braces before hanging any outboard power onto the existing transom.

2) You would need to fabricate some sort of "motor well" to catch water from coming in over the transom. You could look at some 1964 or 1965 Evinrude boat brochures for ideas as these were the only two years outboard versions were offered on the 16-footers.

3) You would have to adapt the existing cable/pulley steering or install new mechanical steering for an outboard. You would also have to adapt the fuel fittings. Then you'll need to do some minor wiring to get an outboard's alternator and starter system wired into the sterndrive's system.

None of the above is impossible, but it's not a weekend project. I don't want to bad mouth the little V4 2-stroke, but their lower units are hard to find parts for. Someone on this list had a 120 hp four stroke inline Chevy II Four. That engine and better-quality sterndrive would be relatively easy to swap into your boat compared to converting it to an outboard.

Lee Shuster
Salt Lake City

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  I have been looking at an 1964 Evinrude 16' boat that is for sale. The boat appears to be in good condition, but there is possibly some issues with the motor. This boat has an inboard 90hp 2 cycle engine, and what I really wanted to know is how difficult it would be (if even possible) to retrofit an outboard motor on this type of boat just in case the inboard proves to be beyond repair. Any responses would be appreciated. Thanks!


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