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  I have a Sweet 16 that I have had since the mid-70s. For the past 20+ years I have done nothing with it except think about getting a new motor. From what I have read here it almost certainly needs new foam. As much as I would like to get it back in the water at some point I have to admit it is something I am not likely to do. It is in Massachusetts if anyone is interested. Basically a hull. Seats were tossed long ago.

        It came with a mooring cover, with clips as described below. I used it maybe a week. It has otherwise just been sitting in my attic. If anyone would be interested in it I will find it and see if it is still in the near mint condition I remember.


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> Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 11:20:17 -0700 (PDT)
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> I am looking for recommendations for a good trailable boat cover for a
> '68 Johnson SeaSport. Would also like to know if anyone has the
> pattern for the mooring covers, top and bow (tonneau?) cover.
> Thanks,
> Bill Whitlock

>From the web page:

    Nielsen Canvas Co, formerly Pfferrekorn Canvas, the Original Equip
    supplier of OMC boats' mooring covers still has the patterns for all
    the OMC boats, as well as Chris-Craft and Lyman. Contact Robert
    Nielsen for details at: nielsencan(at) (419) 625-0521 805
    W. Water St.; Sandusky, Ohio 44870 419-625-0581, 800-435-2471

Google shows they're on the shore of Lake Erie!

I'm pretty sure "mooring cover" means a whole boat boat cover we used to have. It was light green canvas with plastic "J" clips that snapped under the aluminum rub rail around the gunwale.
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