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Hi Ronnie,

1) No the water will not evaporate from the saturated & soaked foam. You'll want to completely remove it and refoam it. It's a task you want to get a lot more info on before undertaking. Others on this list have done it. Also, the group over at have a lot of expertise in this area and are another invaluable resource.

2) Yes, there are structual "plywood stringers" that reinforce the structual integrity of the hull-to-floor sub structure. These will need to be rebuilt. You may also want to at least think about having an underfloor stainless steel fuel tank made, as at least on other list member has done this with a 16-foot hull with excellent results.

3) You don't mention which I/O power plant you have, V4, I4, or V6 or twin V4's were originally offered. It easiest to repower with another long-leg, OMC electric stringer for numerous reasons. You'll want to find a complete matching powerhead-sterndrive from 1967 - 1977 (easiest to find a long-leg shaft). I would recommend a least a V6 or V8. The V6 could be Buick or Chevy and the V8's could be Chevy or Ford small blocks. Your boat design predates the improved floor-mount engine setup, rather your boat used the transom-hung system. But since you are re-doing your floor, this is a fairly easy modification. You can see how I did mine at: Anything can be done, just takes a little time, planning and bucks!

BTW, my boat's original Buick V6 eneded up in a OMC/Johnson Deluxe where it replace the original V4 sterndrive. See: and

Good Luck

Lee Shuster
salt lake
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  Hello all-


  I have recently purchased a 1965 Johnson Deluxe I/O; I bought because of its unique styling. I know very little about boats but I'm pretty handy at repairing most anything. I have some question's I hope some of you experienced boater's can help me with.


  1. The foam in the hull is saturated with water, I removed the wood deck. Will the water evaporate?

  2. Is there any wood buried in the foam such as a beam? If so is it worth the effort to replace it?

  3. Can the motor and outdrive be replaced with something more modern and if so what all does this entail?


  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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