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Sorry to hear about the dreaded freeze, but welcome aboard.

I'm qualified to answer alternative re-powering questions, having
swapped out my Sportsman's Buick V6 for a 307 small block Chevy. Details

>>Or is there an alternate for that motor?

The OMC intermediate housing is cross-drilled for B-O-P
(Buick-Olds-Pontiac) or Chevy bell housings.
So, in theory you could use a number of alternatives:

Chevy-II-based 120 hp Inline four
Chevy (stove bolt) 165 hp Inline six
Chevy Small block V8 (283-307-327-350-400)
Chevy Small bock V6 (3.8 and 4.3)
Buick 225-231-252 V6, Buick 300 V8. The even-fire Buick V6 231 are most
Ford 302 and 351-W V8's but you'll need a different OMC intermediate
housing (not worth the trouble IMHO).

The limiting factor is availability of OMC compatible, water-jacket
exhaust manifolds (which may also be damaged).

As you go up and down in engine size you may also need to consider
changing the final drive gear ratios in your sterndrive, as you'll run
out of range options in how you re-pitch your existing prop. Props were
commonly only available in 12" to 20" pitches.

You'll be able to find a Buick V6 or Chevy V6 if you know where to look,
in both automotive and marine versions.


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Hello list. I acquired a 68 Evinrude Sportsman last fall (155 Hp 225 ci
V6) and finally finished enough rewiring to get it to start.

Long story short, when I hooked up the garden hose, water ran out of
6 cylinder. When the boats aren't winterized properly, is it normally
the head or the block that cracks? I've been trying to scrounge an
engine but haven't found any.

Does anyone have ideas where to source a motor? Or is there an alternate
for that motor? Is the lower unit also susceptible to freezing?

Thanks in advance.

Bill with the once frozen Sportsman.

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