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Hi Wayne,

That's for the great write-up on replacement trailer lights for EJO
(Evinrude, Johnson, OMC) trailers.
If anyone out the can't open Microsoft Word files, I'll be happy to convert
it and re-attach.

Hey, Wayne, welcome aboard! I enjoyed hearing of you boat and reading your
questions. But I gotta tell you, we'll have to kick you off if you continue
to mispell Evinrude!! (Just kidding, of course) :)

BTW, I certainly appreciate your desire to restore and maintain the
Sportsman in as original condition as possible. But I've come to the
conclusion that on somethings it simply doesn't matter especially when it
comes to safety and reliability items: Among other things: I've replaced
the original equipment swim ladder, the rear view mirror, the carpet,
recovered the seats, etc with non-original items. Everyone has to choose
between a never-ending search and getting the best balance of safety,
reliability and originality. In more than a few cases, prior owners have
added their own mark to a boats' personality.

Again, thanks for the great article. Now, I gotta go boating today....

Salt Lake City

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> The attached document provides all the information you will need to find
> the
> original trailer lights and how to mount them.


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