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Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 10:49:53 -0600

Forwarded from Wayne L. Johnson

1969 Evenrude Trailer lights
( and similar trailers )

After considerable research on the Internet I was able to find the same exact original tail lights, but under a different part number, made by Grote Manufacturing.

The original lights were labeled:
The replacement lights I found were labeled:
The original lens was labeled:
The replacement lens (came with the light) was labeled:
Grote 9001 DOT
The web site for Grote is:
The site will give you a list of local distributors for their products such as Napa and CarQuest. I did not find anyone who stocked these as they are low volume parts. They will most likely be a special order so call around first to locate the best price before you order them as they list for around $25.00 each.
The part numbers are:
Grote Light (includes rubber housing, lens, socket with wires) Pt # 50502 (see note below)
Grote Replacement Red Lens Pt # 90012 (Peterson lens will also work - see last Paragraph)
Grote Replacement light socket Pt # 68150
Grote Replacement light socket with 7 inch wires Pt # 68130
Grote Replacement light socket with 9 inch wires Pt # 68110
Note: When you receive the lights they will appear to not have wires. Don't worry, they are inside. You will find two indentations inside the rubber housing where you are to poke holes and shove the wires through. This gives them a water tight seal. The screws on the outside are only to hold the light socket in place. When you mount the light, the wires and light socket should be at the top and slightly tilted toward the center of the trailer. Once you know the exact orientation of each light (left and right lights will not be the same due to the inward tilt) drill a 1/8 inch hole in the bottom, toward the back of each light (see original lights). This was added to drain any water that seeps in, and must be done to prevent corrosion of the light socket. Air going by the hole while driving down the highway will suck any water and humidity out of the lights. Also keep in mind that this light gets its ground through the trailer frame via one of the mounting holes for the light.

I was also able to find competing manufacturers that supply what appear to be exactly the same product. The lights appear to be identical although I have not had one in my hand to compare them.
        Signal Stat Pt # 4522
        Truck Lite Pt # 4522 (this is correct see below)
        Truck Lite Pt # 80339R
        Truck Lite Pt # 80339R3
The Web site for both companies is because Truck-Lite bought Signal Stat.

For those of you who are not interested in keeping the trailer original and don't want to spend any more money then they have to, I have located another light that will work. It is all plastic, will fit in the trailer with no modifications, and cost around $ 8.00 each. It is made by Peterson Manufacturing. Their web site is ,. Light model # 413 Flush-mount Stop, Turn, & Tail Light. This light is normally stocked by any store selling trailer lights such as Northern Tools and even Walmart. The lens are identical. Axman Surplus in St. Louis Park, MN has an over stock of about 300 Peterson replacement red lenses.

Wayne L. Johnson July 15, 2007
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