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From: Wayne Johnson <wjohnson@...>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 23:38:17 -0500

Hi! My name is Wayne from Hopkins MN. I am now the owner of a 1969 Evenrude Sportsman 155. Everything is still original and not in bad shape. I am trying keep the boat and trailer as original as possible. It has the original white back-to-back seats with the Evenrude symbols and the original bikini top with the Evenrude symbols. I am very mechanical, a bit of a perfectionist, and more than capable of fixing anything. I may need informational help with a few items.
A) One of the Evenrude babymoon hubcaps is missing. Anyone have one?
B) The Trailer is missing the tilt Jack. There was no other jack on this trailer. The original jack was used for both tilting the trailer and raising it off the hitch (shown in original trailer brochure). I can recreate it if I can get my hands on an original tilt jack for this trailer, or preferably fix a damaged jack if I can find one.
C) I have the original bikini top and side windows. Was there ever a back window? There is a zipper along the back edge of the bikini top but there are no snaps on the back of the boat - only along the sides. ???
D) I am fixing a small hole (nickel size above water) in the dark blue stripe on the back of the boat. I have plenty of fiberglass experience but do not want to paint the whole boat at this time (cost to much). I have studied all the options carefully and decided to use original Gelcoat using Don Casey's recommendations. I have seen the Gelcoat Scratch Repair kits but find it hard to believe that it is possible to get anywhere near close to the dark blue color using the included bright blue pigment and other primary colors that come with it. If it can be done, I am persistent enough to do it, but I do not want to waste money and time on something that is not fiscally possible. Has anyone tried this, or is it possible to buy a tube of pigment in the original color? I already know the repair will have to fade a while to match the aging of the boat.
E) Does anyone know where I can buy the original Evenrude color enamel paint for the lower unit? There are several blue Evenrude colors available and I am trying to get the correct one. I also need the red chromate primer.
F) Does anyone have any knowledge or experience repairing or recreating the grey foam block in the engine compartment? It is in pretty bad shape (pressure washer mishap). I was going to use "GreatStuff" but it warns that it becomes flammable at 240 F,. I was considering "EverCoat Sealant Foam" because they advertise it as non-flammable, but it cost $17.00 a can and I believe it is not grey (I could paint it so it does not appear like a hack repair job). I have been looking at "Handi-Seal Foam" from Foampower.com,. It comes out grey, does not expand as much, and has a flash point of 800 F, but I only can find it in 24 can cases at $133.00,. I only need one or two cans!
G) I have the (alien looking) running light for the top of the windshield but it has a hole popped in the acrylic lens. Does anyone have one or know where I can buy one? This is so unique to this boat I really want to fix it. I am considering creating a mold from a good one and remanufacturing it if I have to (can acrylic can be poored?).
H) The rubber trailer lights were shot. I found the orriginal rubber trailer lights at "Grote". They are exactly the same just a different part number, but they cost me $24.00 each. I know I can buy simular plastic ones for $7.00 but they were very flimsy and I am trying to keep it orriginal.
I) The rubber Vee at the front of the trailer is split. It is unique to this trailer. Anyone know where I can find one. I could modify the trailer to acept another style but I am trying to keep the Evenrude trailler as orrignal as possible (less work too).
J) I uninstalled the old Comet (auto) radio from under the dash but there is a car antenna mounted in a hole in the boat next to the windshield. I dought if the antenna is orriginal. Was the hole there from an original spotlight or did the previous owner add the hole himself?
Thanks to all
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