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Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 9:45:17 -0400

Plywood, Marine Plywood runs about 55/sheet for 1/2 inch and a little more for 3/4 inch. I priced at a lumber supply store.

As for the transom reinforcement. I can't provide any ideas... Im going the full rebuild route..


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> Date: 2007/06/10 Sun PM 12:54:47 EDT
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> Subject: [OMC-Boats] Transom Repair/Replacement
> Well, after many years of waiting in cue in the to-do list, I finally
> got some time the last few weeks to breathe some life into my Sweet
> 16! Apparently it was running when it came out of the water 8 or 9
> years ago - it' been sitting in my yard for 3... But a few days of
> working through ignition issues, and it's alive!
> I haven't had it in the water yet for a real test run... I'm a bit
> concerned about integrity of the transom, so thought I might spend a
> bit of time reinforcing it a bit. I am planning on bolting a piece of
> 1/2" plywood to the outer rear transom, and probably some pressure
> treated lumber on the inner transom, just to spread out the torque of
> the heavy 66 Johnson Golden Meteor 100, but I recall a posting once
> with detailed transom replacement and photos. Does anyone recall
> this? I'd like to figure out the best reinforcement points for this,
> until I decide whether or not to go the full floor and transom
> restore as a winter project.
> Also, I asked our local marina where I can find marine grade plywood
> in our area (Eastern Ontario). The mechanic says he occasionally buys
> it from his supplier, but to expect to pay $300 CDN a sheet! What
> sort of experience have others here had replacing their floors? Did
> you use marine grade? Did it cost this much? Maybe materials like
> this are cheaper closer to the coast than I am. Currently I'm
> wondering about foundation-grade plywood, which might be a little
> more reasonably priced - my house has a 20 year old wood foundation,
> and the below-grade areas seem to be weathering quite well.
> Any thoughts or input appreciated....
> Ian
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