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Since I have an 1st Generation Sportsman (1964 - 1967) with its easily
removable seat/bulkhead, I tend to forget how difficult engine access can be
on the other models of OMC sterndrives. My bulkhead gets removed every fall
and that makes it much easier to clean, maintain, and access the engine bay.

Ryan's suggestion may make it a lot easier to do this job from the top, as I
had clear access from the side and bottom.

One drawback of the GM engine V designs is the closeness of the starter to
the heat of the exhause manifold. It's a very common failure point on older
small-block Chevy-powered cars. With boats' having a water-cooled exhaust
manifold its not nearly as bad, but this particular circuit wiring tends to
get the warmest.

I also like the idea (put forth elsewhere in this thread) of increasing the
wire gauge sizes, especially on the heavy current wires. If everything is up
to snuff, you shouldn't be spinning your starter very long, but with
extended cranking (in excess of 15-20 seconds) these wires will heat up just
from the current load. And heat is what will ultimately decrease the
lifespan of the wire.

Lee Shuster

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I just did most of mine. It is much easier to remove the exhaust manifold
to access the started and wire harness. I had mine off anyway but it only
takes 15 min or so to get it out of the way. Just a suggestion.


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