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Date: Tue, 01 May 2007 11:48:29 -0500 (CDT)

I have been jealous of Lee's set up for this reason for some time now. in my 69 Sportman, there is a ledge on the stbd. side where the battery and an accessory/tool box usually go. I just take them out, crawl in, try and situate my legs down into the bilge and go for it. Try to think ahead cause if you leave a tool or something sitting where you can't reach it this will prompt a cuss word or two. However, There is enough room to access the wiring, if you do not want to go through the trouble of removing the manifold, which I have done as well, and does give you more room and much better visibility.

If you just want to get it runnning again the above will work and your time in there should be pretty brief. If you are looking at a more long term fix....

I recently rewired my whole engine harness (from the black connector forward). having done the above, several times for "patch up jobs", I decided to remove the whole harness and re-work it on the garage floor. I removed an labeled the wiring to the Coil, distributor, water temp sender, oil pressure sender, and alternator (taking pictures before hand is never a bad idea as well). Then I took the rest off as an assembly, including the voltage regulator, ballast resistor, selenoid, and the starter, carefully without removing the wires. When done I just re-installed it in reverse order.

I took my time but you should be able to get the whole thing done in a weekend if you plan carefully. In the end. I am much happier with having a NEW, RELIABLE set of wiring in there and hope that it will prevent a few trips into that engine compartment as described above...Which IS a bummer, no doubt :-)

Good Luck!


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>Since I have an 1st Generation Sportsman (1964 - 1967) with its easily
>removable seat/bulkhead, I tend to forget how difficult engine access can be
>on the other models of OMC sterndrives. My bulkhead gets removed every fall
>and that makes it much easier to clean, maintain, and access the engine bay.
>Ryan's suggestion may make it a lot easier to do this job from the top, as I
>had clear access from the side and bottom.
>One drawback of the GM engine V designs is the closeness of the starter to
>the heat of the exhause manifold. It's a very common failure point on older
>small-block Chevy-powered cars. With boats' having a water-cooled exhaust
>manifold its not nearly as bad, but this particular circuit wiring tends to
>get the warmest.
>I also like the idea (put forth elsewhere in this thread) of increasing the
>wire gauge sizes, especially on the heavy current wires. If everything is up
>to snuff, you shouldn't be spinning your starter very long, but with
>extended cranking (in excess of 15-20 seconds) these wires will heat up just
>from the current load. And heat is what will ultimately decrease the
>lifespan of the wire.
>Lee Shuster
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>I just did most of mine. It is much easier to remove the exhaust manifold
>to access the started and wire harness. I had mine off anyway but it only
>takes 15 min or so to get it out of the way. Just a suggestion.
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