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Hi Joe,

First off DON"T DO IT. I might consider converting a first-gen (64-67 Sportsman) from sterndrive to outboard, but not your third -en 69! Read on:

Great to see another Gull-Winger from Utah! We probably ought to eventually take this topic off line, but you are in luck. I did a similar repower conversion a couple of seasons ago on my 66 Sportsman which sees a lot of volunteer watersports duty at the National Ability Center at Jordanelle. You are right that altitude takes it's toll on power. At Jordanelle or Heber City a normally aspirated V8 becomes a V6, a V6 becomes a 4. And your 4, well it becomes a 90 hp weakling, and that's on a good day.

I considered repowering to outboard power, but it is very expensive and will vreally ruin the boat's classic lines, especially on the 68-70 Sportsmans which which shared a unique deck and engine hatch design. I even considered repowering with a MerCruser or Volvo.

Ultimately, with the help of Roy and Eric Hansen, of Hansen Marine in Salt Lake City, we swapped in a 5.0L small block Chevy and swapped in the slightly newer electric shift outdrive with V8 gear ratios. Another possibility is to swap in the 4.3L Chevy V6 which, in modern fuel injected form or slightly warmed over can equal a 5.0L V8's output and save about 90 lbs of weight. Speaking of weight, you'll want to weigh your boat and make sure it's not lugging around ballast in the form of water-looged foam under the floor. Weights (factory listed) are posted on my website.

A lot of people put down the electric stringer outdrive but properly maintained it can provide years of troublefree service. I have lots of prop/performance data and speed calculator on my website as well as pictures of my power conversion.

Let's do it! I'd love to have another Sportsman chasing me around Jordanelle. Also, talk to me about joing our local "Bonneville" Chapter. It's agroup dedicated to enjoying and preserving classic fiberglass boats. And it's HQ'ed here in Utah. We need another sterndriver as the rest of the local guys run outboards.

Lee Shuster
Salt Lake City
66 Sportsman

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  I am the proud owner of a 69 Rogue Sport fisherman. I have been having problems with the 4 cylinder engine not having the power for the higher elevations in Utah. I have been toying with the possibility of removing the complete power train and converting the hull over to work with an outboard. I love the old OMC Gull Wing design and would like to keep the hull. I am considering changing the interior over to a center console design. I know the transom from OMC is quite thin. Any suggestions???

  Joe Knight Heber City Utah

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