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Ryan's original post stated he had a 1969 V6 (225 Buick) 155 hp. So this manual would be the INDENTICALLY the same except for the engine chapters having the small block Chevy (instead of the GM-built, Buick V6). The actual stern drive chapters would be identical, save for the slight upper gear ratio differences between the V6 and V8 models. In fact in the seventies OMC got smart and just did one service manual and included different chapters for the 120-4, 155-6, 165-6, 175-8, 190-8, 210-8, etc., etc The engine-specific info is readily available from numerous sources anyways.

I'd jump on this Ryan. IMHO, you can never have enough referrence material, so I'd go for it!

Lee Shuster

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  Can't locate your original post so am unsure which horse power you have. I have an OMC factory manual for a
  1969 Stern Drive (TUFR and TUFM models) 210 HP. The cover is dog eared and in poor condition but inside is in good condition with some smudges. $8 plus postage to your zip code. If you are interested let me know. Will be out of town until Saturday but can ship out next week.
  Had a dealership from 1966 thru 1997 and still have some parts, service literature and tools for these older models.

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    I've had this boat for awhile and plan to keep it. I will try to obtain all 3. If anyone has one for sale, let me know. I do not see any on ebay at the moment. Thx


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    Hi Ryan,
    There a two major third-party manuals (Clymer & Seloc) as well as the factory manual. You can easily find the Seloc and Clymer manuals just about anywhere, local boat shops, online like eBay or
    The factory service manuals are a bit harder to find but in my opinion you can't go wrong by getting all three. Each have their good points, But the factory manuals have the best electrical wiring diagrams, IMHO. It also helps to get an illustrated factory parts manual, which has exploded drawings of all the sterndrive and engine parts.
    Just remember the "electric" shift "Stringers" were produced from 1967 to 1977. (Earlier sterndrive models and the V4 sterndrives are different).
    The later 1978 to 1986 "stringers" were not electric shift but are often covered in later releases of the third-party manuals.
    Good luck!
    Lee Shuster
    Salt Lake City

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