[omc-boats] Be Aware: Cashiers Check Scam

From: Lee Shuster <lib1@...>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 13:14:06 -0800

Just a word of warning for sllers using Internet -For Sale- Ads:

I was recently approached by a potential buyer who asked for a price on some boats parts I advertised for sale on this web site.

I've seen this type of scam many times. The Cashier's check I received is counterfeit (a quick phone cxall to the bank verifeied that). Typicallyhe victim cashes the check, takes out his small portion and wires the rest of the money out of the country. A few days later the victim gets a call from his bank that the check is counterfeit. By then it's too late and the victim is out whatever cash was wired out of the country and often the merchandise that was for sale as well. In my case I was selling parts for $50.00, but the check arrived for $2,500.
Once someone has been taken in this type of scam, there is virtually nothing that will get done. Because it crosses international borders, it's an international case, but almost always too small to interest the FBI or Interpol. The only real way to deal with this is to be aware of it and not get taken.

It's actually rather interesting to correspond with scammers, to a point. I told them how much I've enjoyed buying Holiday presents with the check they sent me. And by now, I imagine they are slightly tired of viewing the high rez multiple jpegs of my OMC parts I keep sending back to them.


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