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From: Kenneth Fingerlos <kenf@...>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 09:31:34 -0800

Lee -

My OEM gastank had rusted out of existence, so I'd replaced the tank, hoses, and fill. I have my old OEM fill/cap I'd be willing to part with.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that the OEM was a 2" not a 1.5" id hose; which is why I replaced the neck - my new tank needed the smaller hose.

The replacement was a generic stainless gas fill from overton's or iboats.com


>>> On Wednesday, December 13, 2006 at 9:00 AM, omc-boats-digest
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> Subject: [omc-boats] Fuel Cap Specifications
> Hi,
> I'm attempting to find locate a reliable and inexpensive source for
> replacement fuel caps for OMC boats. The plastic "Cycolac" materials used
> originally are prone to degrading over time. A few boats were supplied with a
> chrome-plated (brass or steel?) cap.
> Can anyone verify the OMC fuel cap specifications from actual precise
> measurements? (I'm not where I can easily put my hands on a filler neck or
> cap.)
> If I had to hazard a guess, the cap is most likely 2.25" diameter with 5 TPI
> (threads per inch)?? If that's correct there are a number of caps available.
> I've heard common garden tractor caps will work, has anyone out there done
> this?
> The alternative is to replace the entire fuel filler neck which mounts thru
> the deck. Can anyone verify that our original OMC tanks and filler necks use
> 1-1/2-inch connecting hoses? Anyone replace the entire filler neck/cap
> assembly?
> Thanks
> Lee Shuster

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