[omc-boats] Update: Engine Bilge Fumes -- Forced Ventilation

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Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 17:25:46 -0700


Just an update on my "forced air ventilation" project. I have some pictures of the installation, just need to update my web.

Awhile ago, I mentioned that I installed 4 muffin fans near the top of my 66 Sportsman's engine hatch (to constantly pull fresh air in thru the six Buick-style Ventiports, even when moving very slowly or reversing.)

I was able to extensively test and evaluate the fans on a recent trip to Lake Powell which included covering 250 miles of river and back canyon bays in four days.

I am pleased to say that I totally eliminated the fuel vapor alarms that I previously would get after "trolling" for about five minutes. Then running muffin fans cannot be heard and draw less than one amp. The only way to detect them running is to lift the enginge hatch and see their blades whirling. I still run the main bilge blower on it's dedicated switch, running it three or four minutes before starting the engine. I also run the bilge blower when departing or approaching a dock.

I also went ahead and installed a Fire-Boy "Clean agent" MA-2 fire extinguisher. This unit has a heat sensor that will automatically release FA-241 (Chlorotetrafluoroethane) into the engine bay should its temperature sensor reach a critical level. It also features a switch which can be wired to an engine and/or blower shutdown circuit. Clean agent extinguisher technologies are commonly used in computer data center rooms and work by removing the source of oxygen from the firem where water or dry chemicals migh ruin sensitive equipment.

I haven't looked into yet, but it should allow me to get a discount on my boat insurance policy.

Lee Shuster
Salt Lake City

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