Re: [omc-boats] Prestolite Alternators on Sterndrives

From: aperakes@...
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 16:40:40 -0600

The rotor on my Prestolite alternator went out 3-4 years ago and could find parts for the life of me (I had pretty good luck up until then).  I couldn't find anyone to rebuild it nor a NOS replacement.  I finally bought one of those new replacement units with the built in regulator.  Its seen 2-3 years of service now and I must say it works like a champ.  I'd have to dig up the exact model I bought, but it was very resaonably priced and I found it by searching the part # for the original Prestolite alternator (347xxx if I remember right).  I definitely recommend this route as an effective way around expensive NOS parts!


On Mon, 18 Sep 2006 07:51:42 -0600, lib1 wrote
> Just curious what luck people have had sourcing parts (like diodes and brushes) for the obsolete Prestolite marine alternators that E/J/O used on our stinger sterndrives?
> Lee

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