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Ideal timing for this topic. I am dealing with my hot light coming on
frequently. I have a 155hp Deluxe. I am on my 2nd mechanic now,
problem still not solved. Going for a water test tomorrow with him.
Just paid a bundle to have a new impeller and impeller housing replaced,
and it definitely needed to be done. I just didn’t want to attempt it
myself – not still during the season atleast. So now I have a nice new
impeller, and supposedly a new engine water pump too (according to the
1st mechanic). So in theory, water should be flowing through the engine
just fine. But the hot light still is coming on, and worse, I have
barely any HP at full throttle. It tops out at about 10 mph. Not good,
I know. For some stupid reason, the temp light was wired by some
previous owner so It only comes on when the instrument lights are turned
on. And of course I only discovered that after several times out.
Most of those times it ran great, just wouldn’t start back up when hot.
But the past 3 times it has had this throttle problem. I am just
hoping nothing has been serious damaged. Anyway – will hopefully know
more tomorrow after the water test. But my main question is this:
I have always had outboards, all of which had a nice easy to see tell
tale stream of water shooting out the side when things were working
right. I asked 2 boat mechanics on separate occasions if stern drives
were supposed to have the same thing, both said no – that outboards do,
but i/o’s don’t. But this post says otherwise. So do they or don’t
they? And if not, why not? How are you supposed to tell if water is
circulating properly?
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If the temp light is on the first thing to check is the stern drive
while it is running - on the starboard side of the drive you should see
a steady stream of water shooting out - if not shut her down - that
would mean the impeller is not pumping at all. Next, if water is coming
out open the engine cover and feel the exhaust manifolds - they should
be cool enough to hold your hand on - if not and they feel really hot
when the light is on, then shut her down - it would likely be the engine
water pump, or the thermostat that needs attention. As to wintering,
and I know people will flip at this, but I have seven OMC's and have had
them for years and have always just opened the petcocks on each side of
the block - never bothered taking off the water pump hoses etc. - just
make sure the boat is realatively level and the block will drain down
and you will not have any freezing problems. I keep an OMC V6 Sportsman
on the davits on the back of my houseboat - and I have used it at 10
below zero - when I lift it back out of the water all I do is open those
two petcocks - the only real problem I have is remembering to close them
when I go for a ride - of course eventually warm water will creep up to
my feet - a sure, but gentle reminder! Dave

Curt Broek wrote:

I am a relatively new owner. I have a Sportsman 155 acquired in a cabin
purchase. Its in terrific condition. I'll post pics on the other site
sometime soon.. I have a relatively basic question. The temp light
goes on
after a few minutes in the water. Do I need to replace the water pump
if so, do I need to know anything special to accomplish that. Where do
get parts? Also, I need to winterize it soon. Could anyone give me
pointers there too?
Much appreciated,
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Curt Broek
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(in Hackensack, MN)
I have had trouble getting emails to be sent when I reply. Let me know
you get this.
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anyone out there has not sent me all the info to get on the list, I am
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