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Paul from Delano, Minnesota (35 miles west of Minneapolis) here. I have a
66 Sportsman I bought from the original owner two years ago. You are likely
to find out everything you want to know on this list, and a fair bit more I
would bet. What part of Wisconsin are you in?



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Hello to this list,


By way of introduction, I'm Don from Wisconsin, and I have looked for
Playmate info on the web for several years, but just now found this list!


I have been running an Evinrude Playmate for about 10 years. An elderly
neighbor had a '66 and a '68, both with original trailers, that his kids had
no interest in. He had used the '68 for many years with his family. When the
outdrive went he found the '66 and had his motor put in that one. At least I
think that's the way it went. Anyway, the marina that did the work never
could get it running right, and they both sat for several years. At one
point he offered them to me and I took them. After a carb rebuild and a new
interior we were able to use it for a few years before the upper gearcase
gave up. It sat a few more years, I rebuilt the engine, bought a gear case
from Houston, and it's been back on the water for two years now. Tonight
after work I need to install a new starter solenoid, touch up the points,
and I can leave the dock again.


I haven't seen many messages yet, so I'm not sure what all you people run,
or if I can offer anything. But both the '66 and the '68 came with owners
manuals, service manuals, and parts catalogs. So if that's of any use to
anyone, let me know.


We've looked at new boats again this summer, but my wife likes the way the
Playmate sits in the water, she can see to drive without having to sit on
her knees or a pile of PFD's, so we're planning to replace the seats and
vinyl on the sides again.


Anyway, glad there's others beside me who drive these dinosaurs (what others
on the lake have nicknamed us).



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