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How many boats can you drive at one time? I bought another one too, 1987 Thundercraft 4 cylinder 400 OMC series drive. Some day I might even get on the water.


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  Hey everyone,
  Just picked up my 10th OMC - actually this will be my 7th still in possession - 16' SeaSport V6 - in exceptionally good condition - everything, yes, everything works! lights, gages, tilt, engine - everything. and the seats are even in great shape - The owner was just looking to dump it- only paid $500.00 for it! My only problem is figuring out how I am going to hide it from my wife? I have two in the driveway at home now, one in the lot at work, two in the lot at our marina and one hanging from the houseboat and the only option is the driveway at home - think she will notice it? Dave

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