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You might want to get a SELOC Repair manual and go to it. If you do not have
mechanical skills then sell the boat and get a new one if you have plenty of
money or; find a friend with a nice boat and help him enjoy it.
     These boats are pretty tough but the ravenges of time can do more
damage than their owners. I bet your problem is fairly minor but could take
a lot of work to correct. Good luck. Tom K.
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> [omc-boats] omc webpage/lower unit troubles...
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> Subject: [omc-boats] omc webpage/lower unit troubles...
> hi-i love your website. however-theres one REALLY anooying thing that
> is wierd about it.
> for instance-i went tot eh page you noted about OMC electric drives and
> was reading along and ALL OF A SUDDEN(caps for excitement!) the page
> flipped to another page showing a nice happy couple-i assume you- and i
> have to hit RETURN to get back to what i was reading...
> and now i know whats wrong with my sport 16-i did all the things i
> should NOT have done to my outdrive and im sure i fried every thing to
> fry in there.
> i ran it above 1200 on the hose, i titlted it while running, other
> drivers(not me) have shifted at high RPMS from f-reverse, im sure i
> have left the drive in forward or revers for long periods of time(prob
> with key off but who knows)
> so now what-tear it down and replace all the stuff? find a new
> one_broke $$$)
> my prop wont turn freewheel now and my motor is free but comesw up on
> somthing back and forth that wont let me turn it all the way around.
> just one way few degrees, then the other a few degrees...
> thanks
> mark
> to my defense-i bought the boat as a non-boater from a non-boater who
> im sure wasnt aware of proper OMC operations...
> write your congressman.
> http://www.congress.org
> get rid of those annoying phone calls;
> http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/tcpa.html
> https://www.donotcall.gov/default.aspx
> http://customclassics.org
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