[omc-boats] Good outing last Sunday

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Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 08:27:17 -0600

It's great to see a lot of activity on this list! I managed to get out this past weekend for several hours with my wife, son and his girlfriend. (June was pretty much a lost cause, as I was traveling nearly every weekend.)

I'm pleased to report all electrical systems that I re-did last winter worked great. I especially like the new CruzPro gas vapor detector and the CruzPro paddle-wheel-driven speedometer. With the new speedo I can know accurately log distance and very low speeds accurately. The two-way marine VHF radio also gives more peace of mind. I also added sideboards on the trailer which make loading on the trailer (especially when windy) much easier.

Since my beloved turbo minivan ( http://hhscott.com/93tmv ) was totaled while parked in front of our house, we are renting a Dodge Ram 4x4 1500 Hemi Quad cab for towing duties. It's awesome on the ramp or in the mountains. Anyone know of a clean towing truck for sale?

I'll send Phil a couple of new pics.

Lee Shuster
Salt Lake City

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