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<< I used a mix and pour polyurethane foam that is closed cell and compatible
 with epoxy resins that I bought from an online source called Fiber Glast. It
 is labled 24/25 and I used 2 gallons of each for a total of 4 gallons that
 will cost a couple hundred bucks. Start with a small amount and order more
 if needed. It is dead on like the original >>

If it is "dead on" like the original, why would you want to put it back in
boat ? Unless I could find a foam that wouldn't absorb water, I wouldn't put
in my boat.

I've had 4 Seasport 155s over the years and every one of them got enough water
in them at one time or another to cover the floor with water. I guess that's
I never noticed the lesser performance of the boats - they all seemed equal.

I'll bet that all 4 had soaked foam in their hulls.

I don't like it that the foam is part of the structural strength of the boat.

I thought that the boats had foam around the rim of the hull to keep it from
flipping over or sinking in the event of a capsize.

Doesn't water from the front seating area drain into the hull ?

I sold my Johnson Surfer (1970) to a nice fellow in Cincinatti on ebay for
He drove down on Sunday and took it back home. He had no problems with
the return trip. Tires held up fine, trailer lights all worked fine. He has
an older
"Surfer" and I think he's gonna make one good boat out of the two. I'll tell
about the group so he can join you on the list. His first name is Sean.

I guess I'll be dropping out now that I no longer own an OMC boat. Please
remove my pictures and my for sale notice from the site. I've really enjoyed
being a member and have learned a lot about the Johnson and other OMC
boats. If I ever obtain another Seasport 155, I'll be back.

Lee Hazen - Old Hickory Lake, Hendersonville, TN
Studio by the Pond
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