Re: [omc-boats] Good outing last Sunday

From: LeeHazen@...
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 12:13:39 EDT

I've got a nice Chevy Astro EXT extended wagon - 6 passenger - with trailer
and class 2 hitch system, V-6, auto, pwr everything, front and rear air, 151k
grey - no rust, good tires Grey with grey interior. I still have a few minor
to fix - window switch for passenger window is broken. Driver window won't go
all the way down, AC system needs re-charging, driver's seat needs
left power mirror will not adjust, inside mirror needs to be glued on
windshield, cassette deck has a problem and keeps the radio from playing, antenna
mast broken off at right front fender, mast included, windshield does have a
horizontal crack about 4 inches above the dash - I'm not planning on replacing it
as it is not in the line of vision.

I pulled a 28 foot pontoon boat home for a neighbor and launched it and the
Van did a good job towing it. Lots of low end torque available.

See the van at:

Asking $1,750 as described. It will be more if I fix everything. Perfectly
driveable is it is. Excellent anti lock brakes ! Very smooth at 70 mph.
Lots of room for cargo when seats are removed.

Passes MARTA emissions inspection with HC of 85 - 220 allowed.
Owners manual and original window sticker included.

Lee Hazen
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