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I have a web page that breaks out the various OMC sterndrive model numbers,

The first two letters indicate the engine type, while the numbers indicate
the year, with 11 being 1963, 12=1964, 13=1965, etc.

The Buick/Jeep V6 was slightly modified between 1966-1967. The 150 hp models
use a single barrel manifold and carb, while the 155 hp models (starting in
1967 used a two-barrel carb and manifold. The choke mechanism was also
different. There were some minor internal differences but those shouldn't
affect interchange of major parts.

Lee Shuster

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> What V6 engine number do you have? HP? CID? I have a 1964 150hp 225CID
> Model HU-12B Serial W16800, and am always looking for spare useable parts,
> engine and plastic light lenses.
> Dave Detrick
> Norwood, nc
> At 11:06 AM 6/28/2006 -0500, you wrote:
>> Do to all the requests for parts from this engine I'm thinking I might
>>part it out. Since I have no idea what individual parts are worth I'll
>>probably put them on eBay with a low starting bid.
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