RE: [omc-boats] How to check stringers/foam?

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Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2006 10:15:36 -0400

Hi Zach,

I have photos from the start to the final demolition phase. Its not so hard
to tear down.. just scary as I too have the "family" boat that has been with
the family since 1964. My issue was a transom that seemed a little weaker
than it should and the symptoms you mentioned. I have detailed photos to
this point

I would love to see photos from anyone who has completed the process. The
best link I have found for foam so far is US Composites. Looking on their site it appears they
make WEST SYSTEMS products as well - both foam and resin. Has anyone found
a better source??

I plan to start the rebuild phase after the 4th holiday.

Charlotte, NC

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This is a topic that has had me waking up at night screaming! I know that
our boat is waterlogged. It has sat low as long as we've had it - about
three years - but also lists to the starboard side. Also, the boat has been
in the family since new and everyone has commented how "the boat just kept
getting slower and slower" and "harder to pull a skier out", etc. Makes
sense now that the boat is dragging some extra weight around.

My question is... will replacing the foam using conventional methods now
give the boat structure as the original injected foam did. I would love to
hear comments about regained performance - or hull-flex post foam repair.
Pictures of the repair process would be great. Perhaps a section on the
ultimate site should be devoted to this subject with tips and photos since
it is such a common problem. Someone had mentioned cutting large holes in
the floor at intervals to scoop out the foam and re-fill the cavity while
leaving the floor basically intact. I think I will try this if the floor
itself can be saved. If that person has any pictures or further tips I
would love more info. I feel very fortunate to be involved with such an
informative group - thanks guys!
1970 Seasport 155
Seattle, WA

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> I haven't tried this, but another thought that would be a lot less
> destructive (if it works): Remove one of the bolts holding the seats down
> and try sticking a pipe cleaner (the fuzzy wires used in arts & crafts) or
> some other object that might show moisture into the foam. I'd recommend
> trying one of the front bolts as both my rears were rusted in place and
> ripped the lock nut out of the plywood when I repaired my seats 2 years
> (both fronts came out easy). As I said, I haven't tried it yet, but its
> quick and easy enough to be worth a try before cutting holes in your floor
> (though that's probably the only way to be 100% sure....but then how many
> holes do you cut and where?) Good luck!
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> > Kenneth:
> >
> > I own a 1965 Sweet 16 outboard model.
> >
> > Generally there is never a question regarding whether you have water or
> not.
> > If you have water under the floor boards, the boat is very heavy and
> > very low in the water in the stern.
> >
> > I believe the easiest and effective way to check is to use a hole-saw
> > perhaps 3" to 5" in diameter and drill through the floor in the center
> > front of the rear combing.
> >
> > The floor board is about 1/2" thick and there is nothing under the
> > line of the boat from a structural point of view.
> >
> > As soon as you remove the round plug, you will know by the odor. The
> second
> > way to determine is to push your finger into the foam. If it squeezes
> > water, than you have a problem.
> >
> > I have found that when it comes to water under the floor boards, you
> > never be sort-a-pregnant. It will either be zero or flooding.
> >
> > If you are dry, then mix up a small amount of epoxy (West System is what
> > have used) and a layer of tri-axial cloth. Tri-axial is strong in three
> > directions and you can use one layer.
> >
> > This may be more information than you wanted but I have asked this
> question
> > a couple of times. If you would like more, feel free to ask.
> >
> > David Avedesian
> > Silver Spring, MD
> > Near Your Nation's Capital
> >
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> > Subject: [omc-boats] How to check stringers/foam?
> >
> > I've seen a lot of traffic on this list about the state of the foam and
> > stringers underneath the floor.
> >
> > Does anybody have any sage advice as to how one would go about checking
> the
> > status of such things? In particular, can it be done without cutting
> holes?
> > and if one has to cut a hole, where should such be cut to maximize the
> > benefits and minimize the problems?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Kenenth
> >
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