RE: [omc-boats] How to check stringers/foam?

From: Tom Paquette <tpaquette@...>
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2006 10:04:02 -0400

Here is what you probably don't want to hear. I didn't...

I felt my foam was dry to the touch. I decided to check it out further
based on advice from everyone on this site. I pushed a pencil into the foam
and it came out a little damp.

So I decided to wait a few weeks which I have done.

It still came out damp in test spots.

So I cut a small section 2 x 2 out with a keyhole type saw. The foam core
plug I pulled was really wet.

So I cut a bigger plug near the center deepest section of the hull. I
pulled it. There was 3 to 4" of free standing water where this 10 X 12 plug
came out.

I cut and pulled ALL the foam. It was really wet in sections. It only took
a few hours of effort.

It has taken a week for the hull fiber glass mat to dry fully. But no water
blistering etc has occurred.

I have photos if you want to see them.

PS: for all the folks encouraging me to get ride of the old foam..

I did discover one odd truth. My Sport 14 has NO stringers. Guess the foam
is really structural in this model .... It also has 2 small bolts I found
just under the foam to hold an inboard motor mount.

Charlotte, NC

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I've seen a lot of traffic on this list about the state of the foam and
stringers underneath the floor.

Does anybody have any sage advice as to how one would go about checking the
status of such things? In particular, can it be done without cutting holes?
and if one has to cut a hole, where should such be cut to maximize the
benefits and minimize the problems?



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