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Assuming all things being equal when both boats were new (and that's rarely
the case thrity-odd years later), the fuel economy of the 1974 225-hp 307
Chevy in the 22-ft Glastron vs your tri-hull Seasport with the Buick V6
won't be a lot different. Certainly within 10-15 percent, and the same V8 in
my Sportsman proved to be more economical than the V6 it replaced.

The 225 hp is essentially the same as the earlier 210 and 215 307's and is a
very smooth idling, and nice running version of the small block Chevy. The
rest of the OMC sterndrive is identical to your V6 Johnson, except for

Glastron's were well-built boats and the vee-hull will make up for it's
slightly larger beam and length. Unless you are continuously running the
QuadraJet at WOT on the secondaries it will do very well. It will certainly
have the necessary torque to lug tubes around, if the hull's clean and the
motor's tuned properly.

Scott, you're right -- you shouldn't be worrired about the price of fuel. If
your towing vehicle can handle it -- I'd say go for the cuddy cabin. Just
check out the condition of the sterndrive and make sure the floor and
stringers aren't water-logged.

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> All-
> I was thinking of buying a larger cuddy cabin style boat that I could
> actually sleep on, and was wondering a few things. The boat in question
> is a 1974 Glastron V225 22' with 225hp OMC. I was wondering how much more
> fuel this baby would use over my Johnson Seasport with 155hp OMC. I was
> also wondering also the handling over my Seasport. I know it's a much
> larger boat. Sorry for being off topic, but I'm sure you gent have owned
> other boats besides our trusty OMCs. For some reason I really want the
> ability to sleep aboard, but also pull tubes. I suppose owning a boat I
> shouldn't be concerned with fuel economy.
> ~Scott
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