[omc-boats] Trailer loading Question

From: Kenneth Fingerlos <kenf@...>
Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2006 14:09:29 -0700

Hello -

Really, this is a question about loading the boat onto the trailer - My 1969 Seasport-II is on the original johnson trailer. Evidence from the bow shows problems which I got to experiece first hand last weekend with the bow impacting the bolts holding the rubber bumper at the top of the winch tower.


... in my case I worked with the problem by bringing the boat up close to the winch but holding it back and having my wife slowly (few inches at a time) pull the boat/trailer out of the water and then as the boat settled onto the trailer tightening up the winch. Seems like the ramps in this area might be a little steep for what the boat/trailer combination was designed for.

When I got home I read the manual which seemed to indicate that the boat should be loaded without submerging any of the rollers (and without submerging the tires if possible) on the trailer.

Struck me as odd since it seems like this would require the winch to drag the full weight of the boat out of the water, and up and over the rear roller on the trailer.

so the final question - What is the proper method ... for loading this thing onto the trailer?



PS - I'm looking for the red/blue plastic inserts for the bow light; and a replacement gastank; anybody know of a source? Both for my 1969 Seasport-II

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