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Date: Wed, 03 May 2006 11:11:06 -0500

Losing tread is usually due to low tire pressure more than tire age. I
have used 6 ply a lot and never had a problem - but with my heaviest
boat - 17' Deluxe with a V8 I stick to the 9 ply or better. I strongly
suggest to those out there with the old bolted on bearing caps that you
drill and tap a hole for a grease zerk in the cap - then take a very
small drill and drill a hole in the back side of the bearing housing -
in the grease seal - you can then treat it just like a bearing buddy and
pump her full of grease until it comes out the small hole in the seal -
when full of grease, water will not leak in - then your worries of
blowing bearings and the spindle along with it are over. Dave

Ryan wrote:

> Had some interesting experiences with this tire J I hauled my boat
> 800 miles and I had a spare when I started. About half way I started
> loosing tread. Changed tires and about 50 miles from home I started
> loosing tread again on the spare. They were old tires to begin with.
> I spent a whole day looking for a tire. I ran into the same problems
> with the ply not being high enough. I was told that the 9 ply in that
> tire was only made for airport trucks that carry luggage or something
> like that. He said that it was overkill and I didn't really need that
> thick of a tire. So I had to settle for the thinner tire. I'm not
> sure what I ended up with but it wasn't even 6 ply. I've had no
> problems yet. If you can order 6 ply, that should be enough. The
> other option I was given was to change the hub to a more modern size
> and buy new wheels and tires so it would be cheaper and easier to buy
> tires in the future.
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> I am a new subscriber . My name is Gary I recently got a 1968 Johnson
> Seasport 16'(155hp) with the original Johnson trailer . The boat runs
> excellent but the trailer tires are dry rotted . The trailer spec say
> the tires are 6.90 x 9" 8ply . I have been looking for replacement
> tires with no luck . I can only find 6 ply which is not heavy duty
> enough to carry the weight . Does anyone know a source to get the
> correct tire ?
> Thanks Gary

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