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From: Lee Shuster \(L1hhs\) <lib1@...>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 10:23:32 -0700

Lately, I think we've been making the snow here in the mountains and
shipping it East to Minnesota. I'm really ready for some warmer
(boating) weather.

With all the recent snow we've had lately the water levels will be good
this year.

Lee Shuster
Salt Lake City

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I guess since all the Minnesotans are saying hello to each other, this
would be a good time to introduce myself. I've been lurking for a
couple months since I bought my first OMC boat, a 1968 Sportsman. My
name is Tom and I'm in St. Paul, Minnesota and I was heartbroken when we

got that last foot of snow. I can't wait to get out on the water this

Good to know I'm surrounded by people who know the MN winter blues :)

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> Dave, I'm in Delano, 35 miles west of Mpls. Paul
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> Paul, This is Dave from Red Wing Minnesota - wondering where you are
> since you had the same foot of snow I did! Dave
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