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<< Lee, I've updated the info on your boat,
 and moved it to the 2006 for sale page.
 phil >>

Thanks Phil !

I dearly love those old boats, but if I had this one restored, I'd want to
pull it
from the lake every day after use. It's just too big and heavy for one person
to have to deal with, especially at my age. Algae grows on boat hulls like
crazy here and it's very difficult to remove and it leaves a stain. The hull
the Surfer is clean as new - never had algae on it.

I've got a well worn Harris Flote Boat built Kayot 20' pontoon boat with a
mercury on the back that I leave in f rom Spring til Fall. Last year I
the floor decking with composite deck boards from Lowes. It will never need
another floor again.

I call it "Serenity Now ! " (from an old episode of Seinfeld)

I hope I can find a new home for the surfer. It's too nice a boat to part

Lee Hazen
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