Re: [omc-boats] Johnson Surfer (1970) for sale

From: LeeHazen@...
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 11:59:33 EST


I still have the 19' Johnson surfer and Johnson trailer parked in my driveway
and it is AVAILABLE !

This has a "water in the engine oil" problem. The boat is complete, was
before I drained the oil, and it sounded fine.

The outdrive oil has been changed - no water found in the lower unit. Upper
gearcase lubed and swivels greased.

The boat has an excellent hull, very good condition original seats (dark
and I have custom protective covers over them.

It's been over two years since I bought the boat and it is obvious that I'm
going to have the time or energy to restore it.

I'm open to offers - I've got about $1,300 invested so far. Located in
middle TN
in Hendersonville. Good tires on mag wheels, new spare tire on original rim.

There is a nice stereo installed in the glove box and a very nice depth finder
installed on the dash.

It's got a lot of leaves in it now as the blue covers deteriorated over time.

Please give this boat a home !

Lee Hazen
615 824 2330
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