[omc-boats] Evinrude Name Plate

From: Paul Hamilton <phamilton@...>
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 16:59:24 -0600

Hello All,

We have had about a foot of snow the last week so boating looks even farther
off than it actually is. Not too early to tinker around though.

Last spring I noticed that the Evinrude Sportsman name plate on the back of
the engine hood was a bit loose around the edges. I made the judgment that
this was one of those things that had probably been that way forever and
trying to pry it off and reattach it was only likely to make things worse.
Of course it fell off within a couple of weeks, somewhere between here and
there. Does anyone have a lead on one, a parts boat perhaps? I have the 66
Sportsman, so I think the 63-67 models would apply.

I also need a bracket for the bow light. I have one but it has been glued
back together, victim apparently of a seemingly obvious design issue; open
the split windshield, smack the bow light, break the bracket.

I am also going to change out the manifold and install the 4 barrel carb. I
purchased from Lee last year. I also purchased an HEI from Lee and I (more
importantly my wife) was very happy with the improved starting power. Now
I'm even allowed on the lake at night!

I think it added some zip as well, but I was running a different prop so I
couldn't be sure.


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