Re: [omc-boats] Anyone running battery switches, isolators, or combiners?

From: lib1@...
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 18:28:05 -0700

HI Andy. Yeah, I've got one of those portable jobs too. You're right they
are much better for doing a jumpstart than another vehicle, especially in
the boat.
I used mine once last year, to jumpstart the boat (*styill on the trailer)
with great results.

Speaking of the under-dash cutoff switch ---- JEGO
(Johnson-Evinrude-Gale-OMC) didn't fit those on their E-J boats until the
1967 line. So, I added one this winter on my 66 Sportsman. It came with a
spare removable key. I then re-wired the bilge pump with a float switch and
put in a SPDT switch so I have (On)-OFF-AUTO operation. I can leave it
overnight at the dock in AUTO and still switch off the master cutoff.

Anybody, ever recall replacing the brushes on the Prestolite ALK alternator?
It looks easy enough to do. I'm going to try and find a spare set of
brushes, just in case. I figured a dual battery setup would give a couple
hours of engine running time should an alternator or regular ever fail.

Salt Lake City

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