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Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 10:17:21 -0700

cylinder bore is the same on these engines as is the stroke, but that doesn't mean the block and pistons are the same. They are not! The 55hp bore had two intake ports, while the 65hp has three. In 72 the 65 hp used the same hydro-electrid gearcase as the 55hp, in 1973 this was changed to a hydro-mechanical design which won't swap. If the driveshaft splines are the same and both motors are either 15 inch or 20 inch models, you should be able to swap lower ends.
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  Any body have experience or have knowledge of the compatibility for parts swaping these 2 engines. The lower end went on my 1969 evinrude 55hp. I bought a supposedly running 1972 johnson 65 hp for $80.00 on ebay. From the picks they look identicle. Im hoping the only difference is cylinder bore, but I have no idea until I pick it up next weekend. Im sure in the next month or so I will know all I need to, but as of right now Im just curios as hell.

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