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Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2005 17:32:47 -0600

Hi Lee,

Thanks for the reply!

This engine is from a 1985 Buick V-6 231 c.i. I don't need it as such but its such a good deal I hate to pass on it. It comes with the intake manifold and distributor but no carb. I can buy the engine for less than the price of a HEI distributor.

The SeaSport runs beautifully but needs a water pump. Had it out on Lake Michigan a few weeks ago will run about an hour before it overheats. Bought it from the original owner who always had it professionally serviced and winterized. Probably run another 30 years.
I got a new trailer for the Rogue quite a while back, required a little adjustment. Tows much better than the original trailer as I remember it. Boat sits much lower and trailer is much wider. The 1969 SeaSport came with a Snowco dual axle trailer.


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  Hi Glenn,

  I did quite a bit of Buick V6 research in this area before I decided on doing the small-block Chevy upgrade.

  You should be able to subsitute the newer even-fire Buick. I took my odd-fire OMC exhause manifolds and compared them against the even-fire exhaust manifold gasket and they looked compatible. Not sure, but I think you'll need to use even-fire intake manifold. You'll need to use the even-fire distributor, for sure. I'm fairly certain this will work as I was considering using the larger 252 CID V6 even-fire Buick.

  BTW, didn't you get a new trailer? How do you like it? Any fitment issues?

  Lee Shuster
  Salt Lake City
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    Does anyone know if the exhaust manifolds from a 1969 odd fire V-6 will work on 1985 even fire? I've run across a bargain motor from a car that's been totaled. Thinking about buying it just for the parts that are interchangeable.

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