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From: Zach Stanley <zachstanley@...>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 02:13:37 +0800

Hey Scott!

I would love to see some pictures of your new top and curtains. I would
even like to know where you got it done since, I believe you are in WA
state. Could you pass on any info/pics? I have a # for a place in
spokane some props were bought for our seasport within the last few years
if you have to resort to a new or reconditioned one.

Precision Propeller Co. Spokane ,WA 1 800 735 6318

I would really love to get a new cover for ours too. Ours is in about
the same condition as yours - serviceable, but starting to go. Did you
replace the tonneau also? I would love to see some pictures if its not
too much trouble!


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Just got a new top with side curtains my 70 Seasport, looks really nice
now. I have the original top that is fairly servicable, but has shrunken
so the side 'ears' don't button down, and the driver's side zipper has
pulled away from the top. It's free for the asking as long as you pay
for shiping, it's in good shape overall and would make a great template.
If someone has a good 14'x16' aluminum prop in good shape they'd like to
trade that's even better. I messed mine up. Any takers? ~Scott

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