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Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 19:06:42 -0500

you know i have had good luck with napa auto parts i should have thought of
them. thanks alot, happy boating.
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> Bryan,
> Always check with NAPA as they have a lot of parts in their marine
> catalog - the
> seals are common - if there are no numbers on the old ones you can have
> them
> measured and replaced at any good bearing/seal retailer - Dave
> jb wrote:
>> hello,
>> i joined the mailing list not long ago and have been reading and gather
>> lots
>> of good info, thanks.
>> i have seen some reference to some restoration efforts. where do you get
>> parts?
>> i have a 65 playmate 90hp v4 2st. that i still try to use and maintain
>> but
>> as you know at their age things break and need replaced. my local boat
>> dealer can get some parts but not others.
>> last year i took the outdrive apart for refurbishment an took as list of
>> parts to dealer and found some were unavailable. i specifically wanted
>> to
>> replace the oil seals, orings, ? around the downshaft. i am getting water
>> in
>> the oil. my fuel pump is also not functional, but unavailable. he wants
>> $50
>> for starter brushes which seems awful high.
>> where is a good place to get parts? thanks.
>> what would you recommend i replace to seal the oil and stop the water
>> from
>> contaminating?
>> bryan pownell
>> opti714 at
>> du-12mb
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