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awesome, thanks for all the good info. i dont mind working on it, the rear
unit isnt too complicated, but without parts its impossible. hopefully i can
fix it right. the motor still runs good. i will check out all those links.
thanks alot.

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> On Fri, 2 Sep 2005, jb wrote:
>> i have seen some reference to some restoration efforts. where do you get
>> parts?
> If you have a local industrial parts shop, I've found that is one of the
> best places to get bearings, o-rings, and seals. I use Motion Industries
> ( - if you live in a major city they
> very
> likely have a location near you (you can look online). Many of the
> mechanical components in the drive are standardized parts (i.e. not
> specific to OMC) and Motion either stocks them or can order them (which
> usually only takes 1-3 days and doesn't even cost extra). The guys at the
> counter can usually figure out what you need if you bring in the old part,
> but I usually try to figure it out myself before coming in.
> McMaster-Carr ( is a good resource for looking up
> parts. Bearings are usually labeled on their casing, shaft seals also
> often have a part number stamped on them (then check out the manufactuer's
> website to find out more info, or check out the Chicago Rawhide
> ( catalog, which is online as a PDF at
> For o-rings, measure
> the
> inside diameter, outside diameter, and cross-section width and try to find
> the nearest match in the standard selection (Buna-N is usually an ok
> material). OMC seems to use some weird o-rings that don't correspond to
> standard sizes, but you can often go up or down one and find something
> usable.
> You'll be surprised at how cheap things can be. With o-rings you
> typically
> end up with a bag of 5-50 for under $5, and I paid $12 for a bearing that
> a
> boat dealer wanted like $50 for.
> If you have the drive entirely disassembled, the other option is to buy a
> seal kit. It comes with replacements for nearly every seal in the unit.
> I
> think they run $50-70 for the upper and about the same for the lower. I
> didn't do this, because I didn't have the confidence to remove and
> reinstall all the seals myself, but I've heard it isn't too hard.
> Otherwise, here's a few good resources I've used:
> Great Lakes Marine
> Download the OMC sterndrive catalog and the appropriate cross-reference
> catalog. They have nearly every major component and most minor ones
> available new. They don't sell directly, but it's a great resource.
> Paradise Enterprises (WA) 800-546-1950
> GLM dealer I've ordered parts from
> william carroll <bilcin_54@...>
> He sells all sorts of used OMC parts on ebay and can often source
> hard to find major components (ball gears, shafts, etc...)
> Ron <osssv@...>
> Also an ebay seller of major components
> Other GLM dealers I haven't tried:
> Fox Marine (CA), 562-983-6500
> Royal Marine Supply (NV), 702-294-5005
> TC Electronics (Canada) (online)
> Pugley's Marine (NY), 585-265-0750
> Valentine Marine (FL), 800-997-5881
> also NC and LA
> Ethan
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