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Thank you, David

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Today I did some web searches, trying to find information about Harry
Hillman, who Mike Cole (son of Dick, the inventor of the Cathedral
Hull, and designer of the OMC gull-wings) had said had designed the
OMC/Johnson "three-point" hull. I found some brief mentions in
University of Michigan Naval and Marine Engineering newsletters.

Recently I had also downloaded images of all the Dick Cole patents, so
I decided to search for Hillman patents as well.

I hit Paydirt! Patent 3,160,134 (by Hillman et al) awarded 12/64 has
three pages of drawings and four of text, and clearly represents the
OMC/Johnson hull. (A number of more recent patents reference this one,
many of the relating to "pontoon boat" designs, and assigned to OMC).

I made thumbnails and reductions of all of the patents. Follow the
links for the names "Dick Cole" and "Harry Hillman" at the top of the web page.
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